Recent EVREST journal publications

Three papers with results from the project were recently published

The EVREST team is happy to anounce that three journal publications, deriving from the project, were recently out!

Find out more on the Deliverables page, or view the publications directly:

  • Carrasco, A.R. (2019). Simple assessment of spatio-temporal evolution of salt marshes ecological services. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7: 77. | Full paper [link]
  • Kombiadou, K., Matias, A., Ferreira, Ó., Carrasco, A.R., Costas, S., Plomaritis, T., 2019. Impacts of human interventions on the evolution of the Ria Formosa barrier island system (S. Portugal). Geomorphology, 343: 129-144. | Full paper [link]
  • Matias, A., Carrasco, A.R., Loureiro, C., Masselink, G., Andriolo, U., McCall, R., Ferreira, Ó., Plomaritis, T.A., Pacheco, A., Guerreiro, M. (2019). Field measurements and hydrodynamic modelling to evaluate the importance of factors controlling overwash. Coastal Engineering, 152: 103523 | Full paper [link]