Project Tasks

Task 1: Data collection and GIS integration

Objectives: To collate relevant datasets for barrier island evolution analysis and to incorporate datasets in a GIS platform through the development of dedicated geodatabases

Coordinator: Carlos Loureiro

Participating: Ana Matias, Carlos Antunes, Óscar Ferreira & Katerina Kombiadou

Duration: 12 months, start: 01/06/2016, end: 31/05/2017

Expected results
  • Comprehensive datasets of Ria Formosa barrier island system
  • GIS platform implementation
  • Data-specific geodatabase
Task 2: Quantification of hydrodynamic and morphologic variables

Objectives: To obtain a dataset of the main hydrodynamic variables and morphologic variables for the study period

Coordinator: Theocharis Plomaritis

Participating: Ana Matias, Rita Carrasco, Carlos Antunes, Carlos Loureiro, Óscar Ferreira, Rui Taborda & Katerina Kombiadou

Duration: 12 months, start: 01/11/2016, end: 31/10/2017

Expected results
  • Comprehensive datasets of wave climate and storms' characterisation
  • Regional Sea Level Rise (SLR) rates
  • Barrier island environments' characterisation

Task 3: Analysis of geomorphological evolution

Objectives: To quantify evolution rates, to identify resilient environments, to identify differences on environments resilience, and to compare datasets covering different timeframes

Coordinators: Óscar Ferreira & Ana Matias

Participating: Rita Carrasco, Rui Taborda, Theocharis Plomaritis & Katerina Kombiadou

Duration: 8 months, start: 01/05/2017, end: 31/12/2017

Expected results
  • Maps and curves of barrier environments' evolution
  • Differentiation between environments' resilience
  • Quantification of errors due to study timeframe bias
Task 4: Modelling barrier island and lagoon system

Objectives: To assess the morphological evolution of the barrier islands and lagoon system according to different SLR and storm impact scenarios

Coordinator: Ana Rita Carrasco

Participating: Ana Matias, Rui Taborda, Theocharis Plomaritis & Katerina Kombiadou

Duration: 14 months, start: 01/08/2017, end: 30/09/2018

Expected results
  • Six modelling scenarios of RSLR and impact of storms (e.g., barrier island sedimentary variations, and morphological variations of lagoon environments)

Task 5: Integration of results and quantification of resilience

Objectives: To integrate results obtained in previous tasks, and to propose innovative resilient parameters

Coordinator: Ana Matias

Participating: Ana Rita Carrasco, Carlos Loureiro, Óscar Ferreira, Rui Taborda, Susana Costas, Theocharis Plomaritis & Katerina Kombiadou

Duration: 8 months, start: 01/06/2018, end: 31/01/2019

Expected results
  • Conceptual scheme of resilience
  • Resilience indexes
Task 6: Dissemination of results and findings

Objectives: To increase awareness and to provide wide dissemination of the results obtained within the project, from international scientific research level to the general public

Coordinator: Rita Borges

Participating: Ana Rita Carrasco, Ana Ramos, Susana Costas & Katerina Kombiadou

Duration: 24 months, start: 01/06/2017, end: 31/05/2019

Expected results
  • Six papers in peer-reviewed international journals
  • Six communications in international conferences and three in national conferences
  • Public dissemination actions

In the Gannt chart below (or in the pdf file) you can see the organisation of project tasks and corresponding milestones.