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Public dissemination material

  • ‘Residentes da praia de Faro sabem que correm riscos mas não arredam pé/The residents of praia de Faro know they are at risk but refuse to move’, Ana Matias | article, November 2017
  • 'Construction and destruction of the islands in Ria Formosa', Ana Matias, Rita Carrasco, Presentation in: Semana da Ciência e da Tecnologia, 24/11/16 | pdf file
  • The barrier islands of Ria Formosa | poster, September 2016
  • The evolution of Culatra island | poster, September 2016


  • The EVREST SandBox of CCVT in action
    The video shows a brief demonstration of the morphodynamics between topography, rainfall and channel formation. Try it yourself at the Centro Ciência Viva de Tavira.
  • 'The EVREST project', Interview of Ana Matias in 'RUA FM' radio
  • 'Construction and destruction of barrier islands', Interview of Ana Matias in '90 segundos de ciência'
  • Ana Matias in 'O mar enrola na areia', an activity designed for primary school students. In the video she is explaining the sand transport towards the shore by wave-induced currents (November 2017). The outreach activity was made within the programme “Science and Technology Week 2017”, a national event promoted by Ciência Viva.

Fieldwork, meeting and student internship reports

  • Progress Report on the First Meeting | pdf file
  • Report on Preparatory Fieldwork in Ria Formosa | pdf file
  • Report on tide observation campaign along the Algarve coast | pdf file
  • Report on fieldwork in the study site of Culatra Island | pdf file
  • Master-student internship report by Emily Robbins on image classification methods in tidal embayments and on sediment laboratory analysis | pdf file