Barreta Island

Description of Barreta Island

Barreta Island can be divided into two major sections: the western sector and the eastern sector. The western sector is dominated by the migration path of Ancão Inlet and frequently experiences overwash. The eastern sector has a recent history of shoreline progradation due to the construction of Faro–Olhão Inlet jetties (in 1929-1955) that interrupt longshore drift. The eastern sector of Barreta Island is one of EVREST project study sites as it presents a unique opportunity of studying beach ridge development, foredune development, dune vegetation evolution, amongst other processes.

Aerial photograph from 2001 displaying Faro-Olhão Inlet, Barreta Island (at West) and Culatra Island (at East). The wide, vegetated dunes are visible, as well as a wide beach extending almost until the tip of the Western jetty. Within Barreta dunes, the former foredune can be identified by a darker shore-parallel alignment.
In the slideshow of raster datasets collected and integrated in the EVREST GIS database, given below, you can see the evolution of Barreta for the period of 1947 to 2014. Information and credits for each mosaic are provided in the caption. Navigation buttons are provided for users on desktop devices, while users on mobile devices can swipe through frames.

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