Participation of EVREST team to European Researchers Night at Centro Ciência Viva de Tavira

The EVREST team is participating to the European Researchers Night (Noite Europeia dos Investigadores) 2017, at the Centro Ciência Viva de Tavira on Friday, September 29th, with the following activities:

  • 10.00-13.00: Presentation of the EVREST project (posters, presentation, discussions)
  • 10.00-12.00: Activities with primary school students “The sea moving the sand” (O mar enrola na areia): The activities are designed to familiarise students with the sediment transport processes in beaches. The activity is conceived and interpreted by Ana Matias from Center of Marine Environmental Research (CIMA) of the University of Algarve.
  • 21.00-22.00: Café com Ciência “Climate Changes: Impact in Marine Life and Coastal Zones” (Alterações Climáticas: Impacto no Meio Marinho e Zonas Costeiras) [poster in pdf]. Participating investigators: Óscar Ferreira (FCT/CIMA/UALG), Susana Costas (CIMA), Pedro Guerreiro (CCMAR) e João Silva (CCMAR).

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Master student internship within EVREST

My name is Emily ROBBINS, I am a French student who is currently attending a Master’s degree program at the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM) in Brest, France. As part of my university course, and in order to get professional experience, I’m doing an internship in CIMA – University of Algarve. My work is part of EVREST project and I’m learning more about barrier island dynamics, salt marsh development, ecogeomorphology of low-gradient environments, supervised/unsupervised classification in ArcGIS, and grain-size analysis, amongst others.